Training Center Injuries? You May Need to Talk to a Lawyer

There are few things more threatening to a career in professional sports than an injury that takes place during the training season. The biggest fear with these injuries is that even non-permanent effects can lead to problems like unsigned contracts. If you’re off the field for even a season, it can be extremely difficult to impossible to get back on again.

For these reasons, training center injuries need to be responded to immediately, and hiring a lawyer to handle some of the load can help. First, a lawyer can help you secure the funding you may not have on your own for the best medical care and physical therapy. You need to recover as fast as possible if you want to have a future career. A lawyer may even be able to help you start these therapies before you’ve collected your award from the court.

While you have a lawyer on your side, do make sure to remember to have him or her go over the current contract you’re under. Whichever organization holds your contract may attempt to kick you out of it, even if the terms protect you from exactly this kind of abuse. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING you are given by your contract holder regarding your injury until your lawyer has had a chance to review both that document and your contract.

For the best defense possible, hire a lawyer immediately after the injury, as soon as any necessary emergency medical services are complete. Your lawyer may recommend you go to the doctor for a much more comprehensive exam to determine if there were any issues resulting from the injury that first responders may have missed.

Your auto accident attorney may also choose to examine the conditions of the training camp to determine if adequate steps were taken to prevent the injury.



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